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14 August 1982
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leave my shoulders out of this!


Even though in Japanese my name, Amy, would be Emi, I prefer Ami instead. I go by Ami1982 on twitter, feel free to add me. :)
I love Arashi. Especially Aiba Masaki and Sakurai Sho. I also love Japan...well, almost anything Japanese. My passion is art, but my weakness is laziness. I recently graduated from my first year in college with a Visual Arts certificate. My marks were very high, and I worked very hard...but during the summer I've been slacking off when it comes to my art. -.-
Next year I will be taking Graphic Design (Then I can make my own ARASHI related crack)

I live with my boyfriend Andrew, of almost 10 years, and my two cars Orion and Athena. I LOVE my cats (actually ALL cats, but MY cats are the best)art, Japan, Wii, taking pictures, being lazy, J-dramas, J-pop/rock, history, my family, giant flea markets and craft shows, earrings (recent obsession), and various other random things.

I DISLIKE, Fish with teeth, under sea creatures, cabbage, squash, and people who are just nasty for no reason at all.

My Favorite seasons are spring, summer and fall. I do not like winter. Yes, I am Canadian but I can't stand winter.

I shall add more as I see fit.


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